Leadership Development 

What do you envision when you see the word LEADERSHIP Development? If it’s most people, it is defined as the action of leading a group or an organization and the process of developing or being developed.   When KNEW Coaching & Consulting think about Leadership Develop we envision Leader as the state or position of “being” a leader and we view Development as growth possibility.   One of the key tenets of Ontological Coaching is to speak to the BEING of a person. So when we focus on Leadership Development we focus on the Development and Being of a person.

KNEW Coaching & Consulting can help your organization develop your Leaders at every level. Are you ready to tackle Leadership Development from a new point of view? Let KNEW Coaching & Consulting assist you with CREATING your new vision on who is a Leader, and who needs to be developed.   In short when we talk about Leadership Development, we focus on developing the BEING of the individual and/or organization and provide support around:

  • Talent Assessment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Developmental identification

Let KNEW Coaching & Consulting help you assess your talent, or evaluate your team through identification of key leadership development practices for you or your team. Discover YOUR Possible!

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