The myth about Coaching is that it only happens to extremely successful executives who need some high level support.   The reality however, is that having your own coach is the most traditional and most powerful structure of coaching you can give to YOURself or Others. Coaching is generally conducted once per week over a 3 month period. It transcends power and/or position. It is simply the willingness to look inward to create what is next for you. The coaching relationship as created by Coach Karen (COACHK) and the client can take on multiple partnerships and discussions. The key to effective coaching is to develop the “WHAT FOR” with the client so they can understand the benefit.   We offer 2 types of Coaching:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Coaching

Come and experience what having a 1:1 Coach could mean for you in your LIFE or YOUR Career.  Let's Discover YOUR possible.

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